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1:1 Mentorship Packages

  • 1x Mentoring Session Package

    1x 1 hour virtual 1:1 mentoring sessions. Use each session when needed, no time commitment.
    • Most Popular

      3x Mentoring Session Package

      3x 1 hour virtual 1:1 mentoring sessions. Use each session when needed, no time commitment.
      • Save $75
    • 6x session Mentoring Package

      6x 1 hour virtual 1:1 mentoring sessions. Use each session when needed, no time commitment.
      • Save 150$
    • What is 1:1 Mentoring?
      1:1 mentoring is a personalized approach designed to accelerate your career in product management. Because of the individual focus, each session is highly flexible and specifically tailored to address your personal goals and the unique challenges you face. Each mentoring session lasts one hour, during which we can work through a customized learning plan based on your objectives, or directly tackle any current challenges you're experiencing.
    • What can I expect in a mentoring session?
      During a typical mentoring session, we might explore critical topics like Product Discovery, or review specific materials to enhance your skills and knowledge. We'll also focus on any immediate challenges you're facing, devising an action plan and strategies for moving forward. My commitment to you as a mentor includes maintaining confidentiality and thoroughly understanding your context to offer the most effective guidance possible.
    • How does 1:1 mentoring work?
      We meet regularly to discuss a mix of current issues, learning topics, and practical applications. It’s crucial that our discussions result in actionable advice that respects confidentiality. To support your continuous development, we'll set up a way to communicate asynchronously. This ensures that you have support whenever needed, allowing you to ask questions or seek clarification on-the-fly.
    • Is 1:1 Product Mentoring right for me?
      I mentor Product Managers and Product Leaders at all career levels worldwide. You might find 1:1 mentoring especially beneficial if you are: Facing new challenges Seeking to build confidence in your role Eager to develop specific skills In need of a sounding board for your ideas Preparing to take a significant step forward in your career Common reasons people seek 1:1 mentoring include: Working as a PM in a startup or in an organization without internal support Pursuing a new role or promotion In need of support and guidance Starting a new role and wanting to maximize the first 90 days
    • How has your 1:1 Product Mentoring helped others?
      The personalized nature of 1:1 mentoring allows me to help product managers in various ways, tailored to each stage of their career. This individualized support offers distinct advantages over group training courses, ensuring you receive focused, specific advice that is directly applicable to your situation.
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